Rapid railway service started to promote small industry.


Railways have started fast service to promote small industry. Under this scheme, low loading freight trains will also run according to the schedule. With this, the goods train will run at a high speed on the rail tracks from Jammu and Kashmir to Lucknow under the Northern Railway. For this, railways have also created exclusive business development units in all the rail divisions, so that small, cottage and medium enterprises traders can join this scheme.
Keeping in mind the constantly changing nature of global logistics, Railways is also strengthening itself in the field of business. General Manager of North and North Central Railways, Rajiv Chaudhary said that there is a need to increase the share of rail transport in non-conventional cargo. Rapid service (punctual, suitable and economically viable railway services) will now be offered to small traders.
The advantage will be that customers will be able to make bookings on the basis of wagons to deliver their goods to the consumers. It will be typical for small industries and units to get cheap freight trains running on schedule. Till now, large freight trains were run from time to time. Along with the headquarters level, Northern Railway has created exclusive business development units in Delhi, Ambala, Lucknow, Moradabad and Firozpur railway divisions.
These units will negotiate with various industries and business entities and offer them facility to transport their goods by rail. Mandatory loading of entire car will be reduced

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