4611 trains runs into lockdown, 63.07 lakh people reached home, 110 workers dies into the railway premises , government data revealed.


The Government of India started Shramik Special Train Service from May 1 to take migrant laborers to their homes.

The Indian government had announced a lockdown in March amid rising cases of coronavirus infection in the country. The worst effect was on the migrant laborers. A large number of this class escaped on foot. However, later on May 1, the central government transported a large number of migrant laborers to their homes through Shramik Special trains.
According to government data, 4611 laborers special trains ran in the country during the lockdown. Through this, 63 lakh 7 thousand people were sent to their homes. However, according to sources, 110 migrants died in the railway complex during this period. According to data from the states, the reasons for many of the 110 deaths in the railway complex varied.
Some of these deaths occurred due to corona-virus and some earlier diseases. Sources say that the figure of some deaths has not been added, as his body was found on railway tracks, which means the train climbed on him.
The central government has so far stated on several official forums, including the Supreme Court, that the death of migrant laborers in labor special trains cannot be linked to the lack of food and water in the railway premises, as both food and water are provided free of cost in these trains. To put into perspective the deaths during the operation of Shramik Special trains, sources told The Indian Express that an average of 75 people had died in the railway premises every day since 2019. These include people who were hit by trains while crossing railway tracks and people who died due to natural causes. Apart from this, deaths from the train and collisions with the poles on the track have also been added to it.
This data is usually collected by the railway police of the state. However, not a single death occurred in 2019 from the train accident.

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